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How Does A Person Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

  • Foster parents must complete and submit a foster parent application packet.  You can download the application by selecting the link under "Downloads" 

  • Attend 24 cumulative hours of training classes to educate and prepare for the unique challenges they will face parenting therapeutic foster children.  The training classes will be made up of several 3-4 hour sessions and may include CPR and First Aid training.  If you have previous training hours, include those certificates in your initial application.

  • Successfully complete Health Inspection and Fire Inspection
  • Participate in the home study process.  The case manager will arrange two visits to the home, gather required information and complete a Home Study Report

  • Complete background checks on all persons in the home 18 years and over must be completed prior to placements.  These checks will include Child Protective Services, Child Support Enforcement Services, State and Federal clearances.

Who Can Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

  • Single, married, or divorced people over the age of 21
  • Renters and homeowners
  • Parent who work inside or outside the home
  • Families who can provide safety, nurturance and structure for a child
  • Families who want the joys and responsibilities of parenting children with special needs

If you have questions, please contact the appropriate office:

In Virginia:

Alexandria Office

(703) 684-3500 Main

(703) 725-9997 Direct

(703) 548-2381 Fax