Who We Care For

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Who We Care For:


RCI Therapeutic Foster Care provides services to therapeutic children. 


Like other foster children, they have been removed from their families or other living situations by the State.  As a result of previous trauma or preexisting conditions, they are determined to require therapeutic foster care. 


What Determines a Child as Therapeutic?

Many foster children have experienced abuse and/or neglect.  Special needs children are those who have a specific mental health and/or behavioral concerns.  Some children are diagnosed with a specific disorder such as:

·                     ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder

·                     ODD - Oppositional Defiant Disorder

·                     PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

·                     Depression

·                     Reactive Attachment Disorder

These children may also struggle with issues of:

·                     anger management

·                     poor social skills

·                     low self-esteem

The State is in charge of determining whether a child is therapeutic or not.  They look for:

A limitation of an individual’s capacity which adversely affects the individual’s ability to perform in the following areas

o        Daily living skills

o        Community living skills

o        Interpersonal relationships

o        Appropriate educational activities 


For a more complete listing of possible limitations, please visit the Special Needs page.


How old are Therapeutic Foster Children?


Therapeutic foster children are all age ranges, 0-21 years old. 


However, the nature of therapeutic foster care usually results in older children or teenagers. Currently, children over the age of 7 yrs. makeup 80% of our placements.


As you continue through the application process, a foster parent will receive training and guidance for raising, disciplining and nurturing children of all ages.  Additionally, the foster parent is able to note a specific age range that they feel best able to provide care for



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